Who We Are

Maple Street Garden Design (MSGD) is a garden and landscape design studio serving Washington State's South Puget Sound and Kitsap Peninsula region. The principal designer at MSGD is Phillip Waite who has degrees in both architecture and landscape architecture.

After practicing for a number of years in both landscape design and architectural design, Phil was a tenured professor of landscape architecture, first at Washington State University and then at Utah State University. After retiring from academia, he turned his focus to residential garden and landscape design.

His design process is anchored in landscape architectural theory, psychological research, and what he learned in 20 years of practice and another 20 years of teaching.

MSGD’s creed is “Meditati Meliora” which is Latin for “Imagine Better”. It describes his guiding idea that what we see around us - whether in our social, intellectual, spiritual, or natural environments – can be made better. We all too often give in to what is because we don’t take the time or effort to imagine that things could be better. But the very fact that we can imagine better tells us that ‘better’ is available even if only incrementally so. Phil can look with you at your landscape environment and help you imagine better.